Hyper Force - Space Shooting

Hyper Force - Space Shooting

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.0.4



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Aug 19, 2018


Hyper Force - Space Shooting by APKBucket Editorial

Your home, Milky Way galaxy is under attack and it needs you to save its people. Are you prepared you to save your home? Even if you aren’t then you have to because the invaders are on to it now and you have to save your planet. So pack up your weapons and all other gadgets to fight these serpents who are trying to attack your home. Your enemy is very powerful so make sure that you are too. Download the free APK for Hyper Force – Space Shooting right now from our website and embark on this journey to save your beautiful Milky Way galaxy.

Here are some of the important features of this game.

· Your enemies are in 1000s and you are also equipped with huge weapons to destroy them. They are coming in herds so be brave and quick to eliminate their existence.
· You have many power like slow motion to slow down time and use different tactics to beat your enemies.
· Your chances of victory depends on upon the strength of your spaceship. So, to make it stronger, you are going to need some upgrades and powers to power her up and make sure that you don’t forget that.
· You can increase or decrease difficulty between 4 different levels to make the game challenging and full of fun.
· Doesn’t matter if you don’t watch TV or movies, now you can explore the world by playing this game.
· The enemy bosses are harder to beat than you think. So make sure that you are fully equipped and with bought powers to beat them.
· Space warfare in this game is better than ever due to the modern weapons used in the game.

So are you ready to become a hero for your galaxy? Download this game right now from our website and become a legend!



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