i Call HD Full Screen Caller ID

i Call HD Full Screen Caller ID

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Aug 15, 2018


Version 1.11



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Aug 15, 2018


i Call HD Full Screen Caller ID by Card and Dialer

i Call HD Full Screen
Dialer is important part of the any type of smart phone or mobiles. If your dialer keypad or whole incoming caller pad and outgoing caller pad is nice and beautiful looks and attractive look then every body will think once about your color and unique caller dialer screen. Best design theme for OS11 i caller dialer screen.
We give you best full screen OS11 Theme incoming and outgoing caller screen.

How to use i Call HD Full Screen Caller ID ?

- You can Choose Full Screen Incoming Calling Screen
- You can Set Full Screen Outgoing Dialer Screen
- We give you Option to Select either both or any of the given calling screen.
- Select default background or set your own photo as calling screen background.
- We Give you best HD OS11 Theme background.
- Displays contact saved photos on both incoming and outgoing calling screen.
- Full Screen HD display for both incoming and outgoing caller id.
- You can set reminder sms. When any call arrive, you just reject call via your schedule sms.
- We give you different type of dialing them buttons. Choose your favorite theme and set it into your full screen call screen OS11 theme.
- In Outgoing Caller screen, you can loud speaker your call, enable dialer keypad, view your contact list.
- Easy to use and beautiful design.

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