ID Changer (Net Speed Meter)

ID Changer (Net Speed Meter)

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Aug 15, 2018



Version 1.1.17



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Aug 15, 2018


ID Changer (Net Speed Meter) by

This app can be used to perform following actions
● Change Device IDs Like IMEI ID, Android ID , Bluetooth and WIfi MAC Address
● Device IDs information (IMEI, SIM Serial No., Android Device ID, IP Address, WiFi Mac Address, etc).
● System (phone) general information (Device model and manufacture, Android OS version, System up-time, etc).
● Display information (Resolution, Density, Physical Size, etc).
● Internet Speed on Notification Bar
● CPU information and usage (Clock Speed, Number of cores, CPU Hardware, etc).

In order to change your device IDs you need to fulfil following requirements. If you just want to use the app for activities other than ID Changing then you dont need following requirement.

To make it work you need
1. Rooted Phone
2. Xposed Framework Installed on your phone
3. No step 3

* No reboot for changing
* Change IMEI id
* Change Android ID
* Change Bluetooth and Wifi MAC


Steps to Follow
* Root your phone(If not)
* Install Xposed Framework(If not)
* Enable Phone ID Changer module in Xposed
* Reboot your device
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