Impossible Quest: funniest game ever

Impossible Quest: funniest game ever

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Publish date

Aug 15, 2018


Axel Sonic


Version 1.6.6



Updated date

Aug 15, 2018


Impossible Quest: funniest game ever by Axel Sonic

Do you like mediocre jokes and reading? Then this text adventure is for you! Impossible Quest is a story of a very troubled man. He can't live a day without getting into some trouble. Your job is to help him and keep him alive.

There are 4 quests with different settings:
Deadly Danger Dungeon
Our hero wakes up in silly, yet very dangerous catacombs. Danger awaits on every turn.

Global Adventure
Protagonist goes on a trip through the whole planet. The world will never be the same after it.

Impossible Quest... in space!
Robots, spaceships, time travel and all that awaits you in this quest.

Spooky Scary House
You trapped in a old house filled with ghosts, monsters and parodies of classic horror movies.

Features of Impossible Quest:

★ More than 100 endings! Not even kidding.
★ Rare genre - text adventure!
★ More than a million bits of text!
★ Awesome* humor!

*In developer's opinion.

Good time and lots of laughter are guaranteed for you with this game! Get it now, you won't regret it!
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