Insects on screen

Insects on screen

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Aug 20, 2018


Version 1.0.20170420



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Aug 20, 2018


Insects on screen by APKBucket Editorial

App: Insects on screen
Dev: BrinkinNikita
APK Version: 1.0.20170420
File Size: 25.44MB
APK SHA1: 31bc5ad03a5bb217958869dcbb73f84f631cc2a9
Published: 2017-07-24
Updated on: Jul 24
Category: Entertainment
Supports: Android 4.0.x and up
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This application displays the very realistic animation of insects on your phone screen. An insect will be run or fly over your phone, sitting on the icons (or around them) and spreading the wings. The movements of wings and trunk look very realistic to make you feel like a real insect is setting on the screen.

An animation of an animal will be displayed on a transparent background and always over all open applications.
No matter what you are doing, if you are reading email, watching the film or playing your favorite game, an insect will always be flying or running at a top and nothing will cover it.

This application has also the possibility of setting time after which an arthropod will appear on the screen. This function will help you to cheat your friend easier.

Why you should install this app on your phone?

- Realistic animation of insects (Ants, Gecko, Butterfly, Bug, Frog).
- Insects always visible on the screen
- Many insects you can select: Ants, Gecko, Butterfly, Bug, Frog….

How to use this app?

1. Install "Insects on screen" on your phone.
2. Select an animal you want display on your screen, example Ants, Butterfly…
3. Press “Start” button to start display
4. Have fun

Many features will be update soon. We will update app monthly by fixing bug (if have any) and add new features for it. So let us know about your experience and keep in touch with us.

Thank for your download.
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