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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


iTriage Health by APKBucket Editorial

I have already talked on some of the health apps such as S Health and Google Fit. Now surely there are one of the top apps but they it is obvious that they might lack something because nothing comes perfect. In that case, all you do is look for some alternatives that might bring what you were missing in other apps. Here I am going to tell you about an app that could serve as a real good alternative to above mentioned apps and that is iTriage Health.

iTriage Health is a huge medical database on Google Play Store in the form of an app. This app gives you some great tips and tricks and also keep record of what you are doing to maintain your health. An awesome thing about this app is that is has been reviewed by Harvard medical school. Due to this reason, people have put great trust in the app and that’s why it has more than 12 million users till now. Let’s have a quick review of the app to know why it attracted such huge fan base towards it.

iTriage Health Features

  • You can search about various diseases, their symptoms and causes on this app. This is not an app that gives you knowledge about just what you need to stay health in your daily diet. In fact, it provides a great environment to know and learn about various diseases and all that just through an Android application
  • Since this is a huge medical database, you can not only search for diseases but also different doctors and physicians that are specialists in their respective fields. Now you won’t need to ask people for doctors if you need treatments but you can do that just from your smartphone.   · You can know about more than 1000 diseases, their symptoms, cures and drugs to cure all of these diseases. You can also know what is new in the field of medical science and increase you knowledge to a great extent
  • You can search for hospitals and doctors that are nearer to you in the case of emergency. In this way, there are more chances to save your patients and find them quality treatment just with the help of iTriage Health
  • There is a good list of doctors on iTriage Health with whom you can set appointments if you want. This saves you from the worry of running after doctors in hospital for appointment while you can rather do that from your phone
  • You can ask for advises, tips and tricks from iTriage Health’s emergency helpline service where you will always find satisfying answers to your questions.  Isn’t iTriage Health amazing? If you do find it useful which you should, then download it right now from our website and stay smart and healthy

Download iTriage Health APK for free. Download link is given on this page.

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