Janmashtami Photo Frame - 2017

Janmashtami Photo Frame - 2017

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.0



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Aug 19, 2018


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Name: Janmashtami Photo Frame - 2017
Developer: Photo Creation
Version: 1.0
APK Size: 9.23MB
APK SHA1 Checksum: f5760a575e8adfb58127f92d0d51618bad0c7ad3
Added: 2017-07-15
Updated: Jul 15
Category: Photography
Min OS: Android 4.0.x and upJanmashtami Photo Frame - 2017\s apk file has been downloaded 0 times so far and 0 votes are casted. Find data about Janmashtami Photo Frame - 2017 at official Google Play page here


Janmashtami Photo Frames is a lovely collection of 40 + Beautiful Janmashtami Photo Frames for you to make your pics with Janmashtami places. Janmashtami Photo Frames is a lovely collection of 40 + Stickers and Stylist Fonts.
Provides effects and design professional will give you the best Janmashtami Photo Frames for Janmashtami lovers

it is suitable for anyone? "Janmashtami Photo Framess" is suitable for everyone, especially for Janmashtami lovers want to create wonderful Janmashtami Photo Framess from their photo.

• Lovely collection of Beautiful and Janmashtami Photo Frame.
• Choose your Photo from Gallery or take through camera.
• Set your Photo in Frame with Rotation, Scale and Zoom Functionality.
• Lovely Collection of eye catching sticker with Add, Remove, scale, rotate and zoom functionality.
• Lovely collection of Fancy Fonts with size and color, Text Added, Text Remove functionality.
• Don’t Forget To Click on “Save” Button.
• Easily Share Your Created Image Via All Social Media Apps.
• Easily Set As Wallpaper
• Color Effects
• Opacity, Brightness options are also available.
• Totally Free Apps.
• No Needed Internet Connection.

Create the best pictures with the photo in Janmashtami Photo Frames and share with your love ones.

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