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Aug 19, 2018





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Aug 19, 2018


Jelly Bean Launcher by APKBucket Editorial

Not many people use other Android launchers other than the built-in ones. Android Launchers are smartphone apps that you can install on your phones to give a new look more like new themes. Here I am going to solve a problem which is, which one of these launchers should you use?   Jellybean Launcher is one of the top Android launchers that are known for their beauty, easy to use interface and amazing features. Even when you are using it on an old Android operating system, it gives a cool Android 4.3 look to your phone.

After introducing this launcher, let’s move on talk about some of the features of Jellybean Launcher.  Jellybean Launcher brings you a beautiful look of Android 4.3. You can enjoy the original search of Android OS 4.3, original analog clock, beautiful pack of wallpapers, and screen indicators that are also available in Android 4.3. With Jellybean Android launcher, now you can decorate your menu with more than 20 icons that are part of the launcher’s theme.

This app is also very light and even lighter than most of the built-in launchers and it does not bring any load upon your system. This launcher also makes your phone very easy to use and many icons are better than built-in launcher.

If you are using themes such as Nova, Apex or from some other launchers then don’t worry because it won’t cause any problem with them. You can also enjoy all live and static wallpaper without causing any issue with operating system and all of this with your favorite Jellybean Launcher.  Some of the other features of this Android launcher include hide/show apps and desktop drawer. Size of the icons and widgets can be adjusted with the manual customization mode which is present inside the Jellybean Launcher.

There are a lot of amazing home screen gestures that you can use on your phone. This also enables you to auto-dump your cache which really is a beautiful feature of Jellybean launcher.  One thing that you need to remember before using this launcher is that it is made to replace the built-in launcher of your phone. It is not like whenever you want to run it, you can. Once you have downloaded and installed it, it will replace the built-in launcher. But things can be brought back to their normal by following few easy steps.

  1. Go to the settings on your phone
  2. Now reach the applications and then manage
  3. Select Jellybean launcher and then simply tap on clear defaults

After following the above procedure, you can bring back your phone to the stock launcher. So are you going to install this cool launcher app? I am sure that you are doing so enjoy it and stay tuned to RoidBay!

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