Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

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Aug 15, 2018


Rottz Games


Version 5.1.4G



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Nov 23, 2018


Jigsaw Puzzles Real by Rottz Games

Jigsaw Puzzles that is a really free jigsaw game! The puzzle that gives you the perfect free Jigsaw puzzle experience:

Everything in the game is free!
• All 1800 photos are free!
• Create custom jigsaw puzzles from your album photos? Also free.
• Pick any number of pieces and rotation in our jigsaw puzzle game - free also.
No need to pay to unlock photos or premium version.

And more:
Jigsaw Puzzles sizes: From 9 (child jigsaw) to 1000 pieces (expert puzzle).
Your Own Photos: Play jig saws puzzles with any family photo you have on your phone or tablet!
More Photos: Over 1800 free photos in 25 themes.
Unique Puzzle: Each piece forms an unique jigsaw puzzle design.

The download size is worth it: that's due to the vast amount of free photo puzzles packs included, such as: beach puzzles, mountain, castle, pet jigsaws, cats and dogs puzzles, Halloween jigsaws, etc.

Please send your suggestions and problem reports to our puzzles: jigsaw.and@rottzgames.com

Over 150 MILLION free puzzles played! Thanks for loving Jigsaw Puzzles!

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Version 5.1.4G

Updated on Nov 23, 2018

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Version 5.1.3G

Updated on Nov 23, 2018

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Version 5.1.1G

Updated on Nov 19, 2018

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Version 5.0.7G

Updated on Nov 15, 2018

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Version 5.0.3G

Updated on Nov 04, 2018

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