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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Just Battery Saver by APKBucket Editorial

Have you ever dreamed about a battery pro-master to defend your battery and manage all processes on your Android phone?

Just Battery Saver is a free battery optimizer on your phone which helps you to economize your battery charge and provides a longer battery life.

Your battery will thank you! Monitoring of battery consumption, control and preventive measures for your battery have never been so easy and useful before.

Statistics, analysis power saving and control of battery consumption are combined into a user-friendly and stylish interface of Just Battery Saver!

It can be called a battery defender able to release voltage on your phone or tablet. This easy battery checker can make your battery charge faster, check and support the battery health, monitor and customize battery settings and protect it from quick discharge and other failures.

Try this battery doctor and you’ll appreciate its indispensable tools:

➤ Easy-to use battery widgets display detailed battery info such as power percentage or current background apps to manage the power consumption of your phone’s battery. If you need to have your battery info displayed on the main screen, you are welcome!

➤ Battery indicator in status bar is a notifier which includes an alarm and an icon that make it accessible for you to monitor the battery level as a battery overlay percent or time remaining of your choice.

➤ Quick battery charger functions as a booster, a doctor and a power saver simultaneously for you battery and increases its charging speed by 20% automatically when you connect your charger. Battery repair and optimization of Android will go significantly faster!

➤ Task killer searches and stops unwanted processes consuming memory of your phone or tablet. It monitors and analyses all running applications and cleans memory of your device from unnecessary data. You can select apps you want to kill! Yes, the tasks can be managed manually now, so if you don’t want to kill some of them you just move them to the ignore list.

Just Battery Saver makes your phone battery work better, reduce power consumption and helps to manage your applications in order to optimize your work. You’ll have no problems in usage of this simple and handy tool.

Apps work acceleration, cooling of your phone, notification about unwanted processes which provoke your phone’s quick discharge, delicate care of your Android device, capacity test, charge consumption info and many other things can be found in this battery extender!

If you need a battery fast charger and a power control option, Just Battery Saver will perform the best battery calibration and give you more time to enjoy using your Android phone or tablet.
Hurry up and try Just Battery Saver for free if you want to improve the performance of your phone or tablet, reduce the background power consumption and prolong your battery life!
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