Kids English Poems

Kids English Poems

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Kids English Poems by APKBucket Editorial

Kids love to listen to the poems and Rhymes from their childhood to adulthood. In the old times, mothers used to sing lullaby and poems for their kids. This app is based on a simple concept that allows kids to listen to various famous poems and Rhymes. Mothers can have an easy and relaxed time with this app. Instead of singing rhymes and lullaby to their kids, they can just play poems on their mobiles and let their kids have an amazing time. 

Features of this app are as follows.

  • These poems for kids are free.
  • This app is compatible with all latest versions of Android.
  • You can download and launch this app in minutes.
  • The user interface of this app is really friendly.
  • All the popular and famous poems can be found here.
  • You can easily play and pause the poems.
  • You can play poems and lock the screen of your mobile to give it to your kids so they listen to all the rhymes easily.
  • The graphics of this game are so stunning and amazing.
  • The sound quality is too good and clear.
  • The interesting story telling and characters are unique and intuitive. 
  • Finger family, five monkeys, happy birthday, humpty dumpty, jingle bell, johny johny, twinkle  twinkle, way to school, black sheep are some of the games included in this game.

Download the APK file of kids English poems and let your kids have fun time.

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