Kids Learn to Read (Lite) for Android

Kids Learn to Read (Lite)
Kids Learn to Read (Lite)
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Dev: Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids Latest Version: 3.6.13 Updated: Mar 18

Kids Learn to Read (Lite) Free APK Download for Android

‘Kids Learn to Read’ is a very fantastic app which is being used and admired by more than five million families across the world. There is a lot of delightful games by which kids start learning more efficiently. It is the most excellent games app for toddlers and preschoolers. It enables them to blend sounds into words, form and read simple words, learn word families and identify spoken words. There are six exquisite sections in it. Number one is Magic Letter Bridge; with the help of it, children know to blend letter sounds into words as they move Tommy the Turtle across the letter bridge. Secondly, there is Skateboards and Helmet, which allows kids to practice reading as they are invited to fit Tommy’s animal friends with helmets and skateboards. Besides, there is the section of ‘Turn the Blocks’. With the help of it, children create words in a way that is great fun by whirling real-looking blocks with letters on every side till kids spell the word out. Moreover, there is Word Ball, by it, the kids discover to identify spoken words by assisting Tommy bat the right ball. The section of Word Ball is only available in a full version of ‘Kids Learn to read’. In addition to that, there is Word Magic feature in the full version which lets kids learn about the families of words when they fill the corresponding tonic and see magic happening. The sixth section is of ‘Rocket Words’. With the use of it, kids get to practice word families no sooner than they gather and launch a rocket into space. This section is also available only in the full version.
The app has been mainly designed for the kids. They never get bored or tired of getting new things by its amazing and cool features of learning. The incredible features of ‘Kids Learn to Read’ make them enjoy the every bit of the app, and they keep learning things amusingly. Let your kids have the best time with it by downloading the app right now.