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King's Raid

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Aug 15, 2018


Vespa Inc.


Version 3.30.2



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Dec 08, 2018


King's Raid by Vespa Inc.

Raid Battle the world has been waiting for!
Over 5 million players worldwide! Real-time 3D battle RPG!

【About King's Raid】
▼Epic Raid Battles
Real-time Raid battle with max 9 heroes!
World Boss! Guild Raid! Challenge Raid! Defeat towering Bosses!

▼Thrilling Real-time PVP
Join the real-time online PvP battle and become No.1!
Skill activation is key to victory!
Combine countless Skills to reach for the top!

▼Beautiful 3D Heroes
Enjoy over 60 charming heroes and various costumes!
No more random character draw!
Recruit the hero of your choice!

▼Dynamic Skills
Glamorous skill effects for every single character!
Immersive graphic! Dynamic motion!
Dominate your enemies with a finishing blow!

▼Step by Step Growth System
Unlimited growth pattern!
Cherish and raise my favorite character!

▼Japanese Audio Added!
Enjoy the dream voice of King's Raid star cast!

[Official Facebook]

[Naver Cafe]

[Privacy Policy]

Free app download
※Partial in-game items need to be purchased.

[Access Authority]
▶Essential Access Authority
- You need enough storage for 'Program installation & data saving in your mobile'.
▷ Mobile Status & ID Read
- Necessary for 'User account creation & confirmation'.

▶ Access Authority Cancellation
- OS 6.0 or higher: Settings > App Management > Select App > Authority > Cancel Access Authority
- Lower than OS 6.0: Access Authority cannot be canceled manually. It can be canceled by deleting the app.
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Version 3.30.2

Updated on Dec 08, 2018

Download APK (98.17 MB)
Version 3.28.1

Updated on Nov 22, 2018

Download APK (98.05 MB)
Version 3.26.0

Updated on Nov 10, 2018

Download APK (96.6 MB)
Version 3.25.1

Updated on Nov 08, 2018

Download APK (96.44 MB)
Version 3.23.0

Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Download APK (95.77 MB)
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