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Android 2.3 and up

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Current APK version of Kingroot is 5.3.8 and the APK was last updated on May 7, 2019, 6:45 p.m..

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Android rooting is a procedure where the device is rooted from restrictions imposed by the device manufacturer and mostly Android OS. Many smartphones have security protocols that restrain users to use the device to its full power. Many users want to get rid of this restriction and be master of their device. Kingroot is just the app for this purpose.

Kingroot unlocks the security of your device and lets you use all the features of your device. But rooting is always a very delicate job and therefore it must be done with care and the user must be conscious of the risks involved. As rooting voids the warranty of your device and kind of lets it vulnerable to malicious software. But then you can always “unroot” your device, yet you need to be very sure if you want to do this. Kingroot does not damage the systems, but it can occasionally delete software of system leading to error for systems.

Kingroot may not work with all types of devices though, which is important to remember. It has been observed that it does not work properly with Moto G but works wonders with Nexus. All the same, Kingroot is the best Android rooting app.

Upon rooting your device Kingroot increases the system running speed of your device. It acts as a battery saver and game booster as well. The new enhancements in the app have given it a better quality, a new user interface and new experience. Bug fixing feature has also been introduced in Kingroot.

Kingroot enables you to delete some software from your Android device. This can help save memory space in your phone. If your device’s memory or space is quite little before rooting, then Kingroot helps you to delete unneeded / junk files and save tens of megabytes of space.

As previously said that rooting is a risky job, root access means the highest administrator rights of your device. As the phones tend to be intelligent, mobile phone virus issues are high. As highest administrator rights, it has the ability to do a whole lot more. If some unknown virus invades your phone, it may cause a lot of problems to you. Kingroot's newly added features focus more on keeping your device safe after rooting, so there is nothing particular to worry about.

Kingroot gives your device the ability to perform better so that you can be more contented with your smartphone and enjoy all its offerings without any restrictions.

Kingroot developers release different updates regarding the compatibility and fast rooting to satisfy the needs of the clients. Kingroot's APK file available out there is mostly in Chinese but you can download its Kingroot English APK file right here. Download it for free and install it on your device to make rooting of your device a breeze as well as boost your phone or tablet's performance with just a few taps.

So now are you ready to download Kingroot APK file? Get it below.

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