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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Kinguser by APKBucket Editorial

Android rooting world has so many gems and Kinguser is one of those. With number of amazing and easy to use root features, this app is one of the most used apps for rooting purposes. According to some users, it is something more than Super SU while some rate it equally to Super SU. Being compared with an app like Super SU, you can very well estimate the power of this Android rooting app. You might like it more when I will introduce to you to the many features of Kinguser. Ok so being done with the introduction let’s move on to the features of this app.

Kinguser app is designed to have an automatic root access to your phone. Kinguser, when installed, will automatically take access to your rooting stuff and you won’t have to bother about doing it manually. With its cool and easy to use design, it helps you easy manage your root access.  Kinguser, when installed on your phone, would automatically delete the useless built-in apps that were already there when you bought the phone. This makes the performance of your device even better because useless apps that were part of your phone are now gone.

This also helps you choose which apps to run whenever you start your phone. This is important because you don’t need every app to run every time and this is the thing which Kinguser makes it easier. This also helps improves the performance of the phone because the apps you don’t want to use are not running. You can also perform complete un-rooting of your device in a matter of few taps. Plus, this app is completely free on play store and you won’t need to pay a single penny for it.   Kinguser also allows the smart authorization of the apps which is a key feature of any such app.

You have also got to learn how to install this app so keep reading.

How to install Kinguser on your phone?

Installing Kinguser on your phone can be done by following this easy step by step guide.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and select security
  2. Now you will need to mark a check on the Unknown source box
  3. After this simply download the APK file on your device, select all the permissions and you will be good to go with Kinguser.

So this was all from Kinguser. Did you like it? Go and download its APK file now. Enjoy the app and keep visiting ROIDBAY for more handy apps and entertaining games!

P.S.: You may also like Kingroot or Root Master for rooting your device just in case this app fails.

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