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Kritika: The White Knights apk

v2.35.5 (Updated Apr 16, 2017)

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Kritika: The White Knights Description

The most intense game with amazing roleplay concept that drives you crazy. This electrifying game would blow your mind with its amazing system that has no matches. All the champions of the games are bloodthirsty enough to defeat the enemies. This game makes sure you never have a similar experience again. The features, the gameplay, the graphics and the roleplaying, all are simply stunning. Features of this game are as follows.

  • This electrifying game will make you feel the rush and intensity of the white knights.
  • The action is intense and extreme.
  • You need to master the skills to stand out with this game.
  • The champions are brilliantly talented. The list goes on with The Ice Warlock, The Burst Breaker, The Éclair, The Blood Demon, The Demon Blade, The Dark Valkyrie, The Crimson Assassin, The Berserker, The Cat Acrobat and the Shadow Magic.
  • All the champions have different abilities and versatilities.
  • Teamwork is the key because then you enjoy the system with the uniqueness and intensity.
  • Along with the amazing team of champions, you can have cutest pets that stay by your side and keep you attached to them.
  • The different modes of game are stunning and electrifying enough to blow your mind away.
  • You can work in groups and become the master until the last level.
  • There are 103 extremely intense levels for you to play.
  • Just like all adventures, you have to face real hurdles and abnormalities but you have to fight those, overcome those and come brilliantly out of them.
  • Monsters are attacking you and you are the one to encounter the storm with your abilities and skills.
  • You have to conquer the 50 floors of tower of tribulation with your unlimited skills.
  • Challenge your own self in the amazing modes like Versus, Arena and Melee.
  • Turn yourself into an outstanding champion by working in teams and killing your enemies.
  • You can clear the stages conveniently by using the Auto Battle feature.
  • The characters are mesmerizing and strong at the same time. The energy, the actions and the abilities are all out of world.
  • This game is compatible with all latest android devices.

Download Kritika; The White Knights and experience the intense action like never before.  


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