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Aug 19, 2018





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Aug 19, 2018


Language Translate by APKBucket Editorial

Are you one of those people who are socially active? You definitely face so many problems while you browse and connect with the world. I have seen so many people complaining about the language barriers they have to go through when they communicate with someone from a cross-cultural country. You don't have to worry anymore because the rescue application is here. With this application, you can translate any phrase, word or sentence of any language to your national language

This language translate application is by the most popular makers of UC Browser and also this application is an add-on for the people who have UC Browser installed in their phones. It looks like those extensions that you add to your computer's browsers that allow you to do various tasks including unblocking your favorite sites, blocking ads etc. After you install this add-on, you are ready surf without facing the language barriers

This was very smooth and fun with all the latest version of Android. Downloading and installing this application is a two-minute process. The add-on is too light and fast. This add-on has been made with all the blends of Smart Technologies that does not leave any burden on your phone's processor and memory. By adding this add-on to use UC Browser if you can browse any page in any language with the ease of getting it translated to your tongue language.

Not only the browser pages but also you can translate whatever you like through copying up the text and pasting it into the app through your clipboard. Along with translating the whole web pages, you can also translate simple gestures, words and phrases. This application is available in so many languages and you have so many options to choose from. This add-on is such an amazing thing for someone who is ubersocial.

Download the APK file of language translate and forget all the language barriers.


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