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v2.1.0 (Updated Feb 16, 2017)

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LEGO are ruling the world including movies, games, and TV shows. Everywhere you see, the games, movies, and shows are built featuring LEGO cartoon characters. There are a lot of games on the android play store featuring LEGOs which are epic and full of entertainment. One of the latest games that are simply wonderful is LEGO: NEXO Knights: MERLOK 2.0. This game is an epic battle of LEGO knights and the lava serpents attacking their world. Can you help these knights to save their country? Download the free APK right now from our site to install this game and begin the LEGO fun.

LEGO world is under the attack of evil JESTRO and his army of Lava Knights who want to destroy the peaceful land of LEGO Knights. It will be your primary objective to beat this evil and bring peace into the LEGO NEXO Knights’ world. You can use NEXO scan power to collect different weaponry and skills to beat these enemies because they can’t be handled with these simple items. The NEXO powers make you powerful and collect as many as you can to become unstoppable. Listed below are some of the other important features in the game.

1. This is an epic game where your hunt is for the NEXO powers which can be found and also be created on your own. You can design your own powers to beat these serpents and save your world.

2. Each power you collect or create works in its own unique way. Make sure that you find that out so that it can have maximum effect on the enemies.

3. Your LEGO Knights can be upgraded with the money and points you earn through the game and buy unlocks and powers to make them invincible.

The game is absolutely free to play so download the free APK for it right now and join  the epic world of battle.

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