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Aug 15, 2018


SKB Studio


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Oct 21, 2018


Love Calculator by SKB Studio

Love calculator is awesome unique real love calculator app for those people who want to check how much their partner love them like boyfriend girlfriend wife brother sister especially for those couples who are in a love relation You need to check and share with them via this app. Love calculator is a real love calculator to test the Love compatibility in a sense in multiple ways one just write your name his or her name and calculate second place your and other partner photo and calculate another way when you both together place both their thumb one by one and calculate and enjoy .In this love calculator, you can test your love. Love calculator is the best love calculator to test the love
of the real love life. Love calculator is a bright app to calculate your love with you and your lover name. Love calculator is the
Best love test calculator to check your love compatibility. This Real love calculator is very good app to check your name with
your lover name according to the ALPHABATE compatibility and shows its Love percentage. Love calculator is awesome and quick to calculate your love calculator. This love calculator app is efficient and brilliant when it comes to calculate love percentage.

Love Calculator is the best awesome love calculation tester app with name of yours and your life partner as it is a love test calculator for all the
girls and boys. Love calculator is basically app for lovers both boys and are you in real love with your partner as it is the best
and the easiest way to check your love percentage. Love calculator is true app to see how much are you involved in love with your partner
telling you how much you both are compatible with each other. Love calculator is a unique love calculator app free of cost and it is
based upon perfect AI and scientific algorithms also involved in perfect result calculation.

It calculates the couples love passion and compatibility with the just one click using the perfect scientific algorithm. This application
provides you with the best results to check out the love compatibility with your lover dear and near one. The main reason of relationship is all about
trust and happiness among the relationship with each other just simple. Everything else comes after the love compatibility of trust and joy.
For the Most accurate Result after using this love calculator is got by the user which tells answers to the simple question of how much
you both lovers are compatible with each other.
this love calculator lets both boys and girls to check out the compatibility of the calculator which is the perfect combination of
scientific calculations to calculate the love of both boys and girls. Both Boys and girls use this love calculator using this app makes
them see the beauty of their compatibility.

--- Features ---

Open love calculator and calculate
Select love calculator by name
Select love calculator for girl and boy by photos
Select love calculator with real love calculator by thumb scanner
Now Click on Love Calculate for true real love calculation

real love test calculator is made easy to test and calculate your relation and love by just providing your name and photo and thumb.

This love calculator is a free app that predicts results on given name and photos by giving out AI and scientific algorithms.
If app’s result can’t satisfy you so don’t take it serious. Extra love and peace.
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