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Android 2.3 and up

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Current APK version of Ludo Parchis Classic Online is 1.00 and the APK was last updated on May 8, 2019, 7:25 p.m..

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  5. Last updated date is May 8, 2019, 7:25 p.m.

Ludo Parchis Classic Online is a board game for two up to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to die rolls.


- Multiplayer (up to 4 players)
- Play with friends on one device or over the internet
- Play against Android

- Rolling dice using real physX, bouncing of the sides
- Dice changing color according to color of actual player on turn

- Achievements
- LeaderBoard Online

- Name the players

- Auto move when there is only one possibility


To enter a token into play from its staging area to its starting square, a player must roll a 6. If the player has no tokens yet in play and does not roll a 6, the turn passes to the next player. Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects a token and moves it forward along the track the number of squares indicated by the die roll. Players must always move a token according to the die value rolled, and if no move is possible, pass their turn to the next player.

When a player rolls a 6 he may choose to advance a token already in play, or alternatively, he may enter another staged token to its starting square. The rolling of a 6 earns the player an additional ("bonus") roll in that turn. If the additional roll results in a 6 again, the player earns an additional bonus roll.

A player may not end his move on a square he already occupies. If the advance of a token ends on a square occupied by an opponent's token, the opponent token is returned to its owner's yard. The returned token may only be reentered into play when the owner again rolls a 6.

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