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v1.2.33 (Updated Jun 07, 2017)

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Mage and Minions Description

Are you ready to slay some beasts and dragons who are trying to invade your village and their aim is to take your home from you? If you have got some courage left then ready your weapons to fight these monsters in this epic role-playing game named Mage and Minions. You are the citizens of a peaceful village which are near the hills and jungles and now you are facing a real threat from these beasts and dragons who are dangerous, powerful and are about to attack your village to slay your people for food. Slay them instead to become a hero of your city. To install the game, download the free APK right now from our website to begin some real adventure in Mage and Minions.

Your role will of a hero who is going lead an attack against these monsters and dragons to save your village from their attack. Pack up your weapons, ready your soldiers, make all the upgrades you can, and design a defensive strategy to stop these enemies and slay them where they are. There are a variety of weapons and powers to use against your enemies but they are limited so use them wisely.

This game is about to begin some real adventure on your smartphone devices. If you are ready to take the challenge then download the free APK for Mage and Minions right now from our website and install the game on your device to begin the attack and save your village to rise as a Hero!

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