Monstegg - Monsters and cakes

Monstegg - Monsters and cakes

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Publish date

Aug 15, 2018


Version 1.3.2



Updated date

Aug 15, 2018


Monstegg - Monsters and cakes by Angel Navarro Baeza

This game involves feeding some little monsters.

Pepe, a nice pastry cook, has found some strange eggs, and each of these eggs has a little monster inside. These monsters are very hungry, and they love a food over all the rest... cakes! The cakes that makes Pepe!

Pepe makes its cakes with a special machine, that is able to make food of multiple flavours and types. However, each monster can only eat a determined food each time. So monsters will ask you the cake they want on every moment.

Your mission is to give to each monster the food that they ask for, and aspire the rest of cakes. Each food must be aspired with the pipe of its same color.

In every passed stage, the monster will grow until it become an adult monster. Will you be able to grow them all?
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