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Movie FX Photo Effect

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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


Movie FX Photo Effect by APKBucket Editorial

App Name: Movie FX Photo Effect
By: Photo Art Developer
Current Version: 1.0
APK Size: 14.66MB
APK SHA1 Hash: 75513c8aeecec12baab5a19375168bd2faf594c3
Added: 2017-07-25
Updated: Jul 25
Category: Photography
Supports: Android 4.0.3.x and up
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Movie FX Photo Effect

If you like watching action movies and you love editing your photos, try out this Movie FX photo Editor. Modify your pictures by adding special movie effects!

Get Movie FX Photo Editor for free and decorate your pictures with the best free photo editing software on the market. Enter your new fun photo booth and imagine you are a star of a horror and action movie. Add amazing explosions, zombies, aliens or dinosaurs and take people's breath away. Don't miss the best photo fun in your life – add cool photo stickers to your pictures and start with photo manipulation now.

Through this app you can change your photo theme. Add movie fx photo sticker to your photo. This app has different category of movie fx stickers like Dino sticker, army sticker and horror sticker etc. Now apply cool movie fx photo effects to your photo. You can make your photo stylish by applying movie fx effects. Make your boring pictures memorable using this app. There is a list of all movie fx photo effects sticker. You can use this sticker for making photo funny. You can apply these movie fx photo effects for making your photo horror. Make your photo with dino and add different army ammunition to your photo. You can add different Explosions effects. You make your photo horror by adding Zombies and Dragons. Now decorate your photo by using this photo editing app.

Movie FX Photo Editor Free Feature:

1. Choose your photo from your mobile phone gallery.
2. Add different movie fx sticker like zombies, dragons, ghost and army helicopter.
3. Drag, rotate and zoom in or zoom out sticker for adjusting to your photo.
4. Add any number of movie fx effects sticker to your photo photo.
5. Remove unwanted movie fx sticker from your photo by clicking on cross button.
6. Add text to your photo and color your text using color picker.
7. This app also has lot of photo filter effects for your photo.
8. Save your photo to your mobile sd card and share your photo through social media.
Movie FX Photo Editor is also known as:

-Movie Effect Photo Maker

- Movie FX Photo Editor

- Movie FX Maker

- Movie Effect changer photo editor

- Movie Effect Style photo editor

Download it today and Enhance your photo with our amazing mustache and beard styles...
Have Fun!!!

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