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v1.1.6.2 (Updated Mar 18, 2017)

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MultiCraft - Free Miner! Description

After the great success of the simulation games such as Minecraft on the bigger and smaller platforms, many developers jumped in the battle in order to provide better and better games for this category. Now to provide a successful game, they had to think of something unique which would excite players and compel players to try something else than the games already there and as a result of this endeavor, MultiCraft - Free Miner! got released which is an android simulation game by MultiCraft Official who have really provided something unique in the genre. Besides the common things such as building and creativity, you are now challenged by deadly beasts and other animals whom you have got to fight in order to save what is at stake. With the help of resources which are already out there, build towns by raising buildings, come up with new ideas for defences since you are endangered by these deadly beasts who may attack at any time and you have got to have a counter strategy otherwise, you will be torn apart in piece. To get MultiCraft - Free Miner! for your android smartphone, download the free game right here and begin all the fun. Listed below are some of the major features of this game.

  • This game is absolutely free to download and play on the play store and you can get it from here as well.
  • All the necessary tools to create what you want to and build yourself a new home
  • Animals and beasts are the adventure part of the game who are thirsty for your blood and you have got to beat them for survival.
  • Some of the deadly beasts who are coming after you include zombies, huge spiders, skeletons, and many others.
  • You have abilities like flight mode and accelaration mode to escape for your life and survival.
  • Amazing graphics which are beautifully optimized for a gameplay without any lag and app crashing.
  • Both single and multiplayer modes are available in the game and for free as well. 
  • A mining game which you always wanted to play.

Get it for absolutely free right now from this page and keep visiting our website for more free apps and games. 


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