My Battery Wallpaper

My Battery Wallpaper

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Publish date

Aug 14, 2018


Version 1.3.0



Updated date

Aug 14, 2018


My Battery Wallpaper by Faster Than Mobile

My Battery Wallpaper is a Live Wallpaper and it does only one simple thing: it shows your battery level. Why use a widget to keep under control the battery status of your phone/tablet when you can do the same just watching your wallpaper?
Just Added:
New "Tap to Config" System: you can reach the configuration screen just with a double tap on a free area of the wallpaper

- Show your battery level with 3 colours (red when charge is under 20%, yellow when between 20% and 49% and green when 50% and up)
- Show level as percentage
- Designed to use few resources and save your battery
- Visible on every page of your multidesktop
- Show when battery is charging (animation disabled by default, you can enable it from Settings)
- 5 new differents backgroud for the battery (various kind of gradients and colors)
To configure the wallpaper use "Tap to Configure" feature or go to Home Menu, then select Wallpaper --> Live Wallpapers -> My Battery Wallpaper --> Settings
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