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v1.01.13 (Updated Jun 03, 2017)

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Narcos: Cartel Wars Description

Are you one of the Narcos fans who came here after they enjoyed a lot with the TV show? If you did, then I am sure you not going to be disappointed because this game which is based on the show is truly amazing as well. Now join the world of Narcotic cartels and rule the world by eliminating all other gangs of the field. There is no room for mercy in this dangerous world of Narcotics and you have got to show none as well. Download the free APK for this chaotic game named Narcos: Cartels Wars and become a Kingpin of the Drugs world.

The game works the same way it runs in the TV show. You will need to beat all the cartels who are running their business and become a sole King of the business. Kill all others who are trying to beat you and build the largest cocaine empire the world has ever seen. You are going to join the world as Pablo himself, run the business with the world and make sure that you do right. Do not let the world get the better of you. There are a lot of exciting events waiting for you in this dangerous game.

While you are running a drug business, it is very important that you work to build defenses because this is a dangerous business. In this business, life is always at stake so recruit some bodyguards and build strongholds to keep yourself safe from the enemies. To earn more and more profit, grow your business by setting up more labs and cartels in the forests to collect cocaine for you. To beat the enemy cartels who are stronger, you can also make allies in the game.

Do anything in your power to run this dangerous business and become the Kingpin of the Drug Empire. Download the free APK for Narcos: Cartel Wards right now from our website and bring on the action.  

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