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Nesoid is a game emulator. Many Android users love this emulator and you will love this too. Download latest version APK file of Nesoid on this page. The superb support for NES makes Nesoid a great emulator app for Android phones and tablets. Easy controls, clean UI and many other features are there in the emulator.

Here is what some users say about Nesoid.

This is probably the best emulator I've tried for android. It runs smoothly, with no lag at all. With all the ROMs I've tried, only two didn't work. Zelda legend of Link, a ROM hack that can only work on certain emulators, and Super Mario Bros 2 FDS, but this is the only NES emulator on android I've seen that has a FDS option, and I may have a bad ROM. The only thing I wish it had was a way to disable pixel smoothing. Anyways, This is by far the best NES emulator on Android and definitely deserves a download. (sinnohconfirm21)

This is quite a nice project. I have been waiting for a emulator that was open source/not adware. I enjoy playing retro grames, however I find the buttons quite hard to click. That could just be me, however. Other than that, it's a great project. (cmdline34)

Nesoid runs smoothly (gavinpowell)

Download Nesoid APK file for free below and experience a better emulation by this free emulator. Grab the apk of the app below.

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Current Version 2.5 (61)
Has Split APKs No
Has OBB Data No
Installation Size 327.7 KB
Downloads 2

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