Next Browser - Fast & Private

Next Browser - Fast & Private

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Aug 19, 2018


GOMO Limited


Version 2.17



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Aug 19, 2018


Next Browser - Fast & Private by GOMO Limited

It is always difficult to choose an app which is best for you. It becomes more difficult when you look for a web browser on Android. Though for most people choices are obvious i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla and Dolphin etc. But you don’t need to be stick with them forever. There are some other gems in internet browser category such as Next Browser that might be a part of your good internet experience. You can download Next Browser APK at this page but 1st read some words about it.

Created by GO Launcher DEV Team, Next browser is a very smart browser for your Android. Once you start using it you will feel the difference for yourself. Next Browser being considered as a low-end browser, still is very fast, provides better privacy and gives you more secure internet browsing experience. It has a very easy and latest interface which even a kid can understand and use.

Have Faster Browsing with Next Browser APK.

Next Browser is known for its amazing speed. Maximum page browsing time is about 1.5s which are more than most of the standard internet browsers. Click on a page and doesn’t matter how big it is, it will be loaded for you within a matter of even micro-seconds.

Stay Updated with Breaking News.

You are a news person but too lazy to open news sites again and again? Don’t worry Next browser APK got it for you. Install Next browser on your phone and you won’t need to go on news sites anymore. Next Browser’s special toolbar gives you the latest news including politics, sports entertainment, and everything.

Surf internet in Incognito mode.

If you don’t want to see people your internet browsing and want to be more secure then Next Browser should be your choice. With its cool incognito mode, you can surf the internet more privately and don’t worry about any browsing traces.

Night Mode.

Next Browser is your friend at night time. With its impressive night mode, you can read things on the internet clearly during night times while taking good care of your eyes. What else do you want from this browser?

Who wouldn't want to use a web browser with such amazing features? Download Next Browser right now by obtaining the APK from this page and enjoy your internet experience.

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