NFC Card Reader

NFC Card Reader

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Publish date

Aug 19, 2018


Adam Nybäck


Version 0.15



Updated date

Aug 19, 2018


NFC Card Reader by Adam Nybäck

NFC Card Reader is a simple app that lets you to read tags like FeliCa, RFID, NDEF, ISO 14443 and others. The app uses NFC (Near Field Communication) feature of your Android device to operate. If you were unable to install this app before, then you can download NFC Card Reader apk file to install the app on your device.

In addition to just tag reading, NDEF pus is also supported by NFC Card Reader. This feature comes handy when people don't have any tags to read and just have two NFC enabled phones.

NFC Card Reader is a free app and its entire source code is available at GitHub. Anyone can made changes to the app. If you are an app developer, then you can have a look at source code of NFC Card Reader here.

For now, you can download NFC Card Reader apk file and test it on your phone.

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