OverclockWidget (Need Root)

OverclockWidget (Need Root)

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Publish date

Aug 14, 2018


Billy Cui


Version 4.21



Updated date

Aug 14, 2018


OverclockWidget (Need Root) by Billy Cui

It can help you make the CPU run as your wish and monitor the current CPU speed. It can be a speed monster, or a battery saver. It runs similar to setcpu, and when full speed, can speed up your game performance, such as Angry Bird, Cut the rope, Fruit Ninja etc... when set to lower freq, it can enlarge your battery life.

This free app is AD FREE.

Three modes: Screen On/Screen Off/Charge Mode

Support both phone and tablet, dual core devices support.

AWARE: NEED A ROOTED PHONE OR PAD! Support up to Honeycomb!
AWARE: Sorry, most current MTK base devices were not supported!
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