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Panda Keyboard
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Dev: Panda Keyboard Latest Version: 1.7.0 Updated: Apr 02

Panda Keyboard Free APK Download for Android

If you are sick of the build-in keyboard you have got in your phone and need to replace it with somethign stylish and beautiful then Panda Keyboard is the app you will want. Now replace all that old fashioned and colorless keyboard with this new keyboard which gives you a whole new and beautiful keyboard look with different awesome themes, button style, hundreds of emojis, different keyboard styles according to how you prefer for typing, and so many other features that you will never want to use another app. There are so many other features like smart prediction, color changer for the keyboard, most of the major languages of the world, and an auto-correction tool which is not annoying at all and solves all your spelling problems. If you have already realized that this is your app to go, download the free Panda Keyboard apk right now from our website and install it. 

Here is a list of some of the top features of Panda Keyboard.

  • Panda Keyboard is an absolutely free to download app.
  • Lots of new themes and keyboard styles for you.
  • Hundreds of new emojis and typing options.
  • Special features such as new languages to type, smart prediction, and auto correct feature.
  • A big list of supported smartphones for the app.