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Parallel Space - Multiple Accounts apk

v4.0.8203 (Updated Jun 16, 2017)

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Parallel Space - Multiple Accounts Description

This tool was desperately awaited as it sometimes get too hard to manage your work account and personal accounts in various applications. This app has already gotten millions of users that loved it. It provides you the ability to switch fast between your multiple accounts without hassle. All its features are mind blowing including the incognito installation and security it provides.

It supports various languages for your ease. Providing you with the ease of accessing multiple accounts, it also ensure your security online to give you the best experience. It was nearly impossible and full of hassle task to use two or multiple accounts at the moment but now the task has been made too easy. You can now access all your accounts in this app and balance your personal and work tasks in same rows. You can almost access all your social and gaming accounts in this app.

The best thing is that your data is completely safe with this. No matter how much you switch between the accounts, your data of both accounts won’t be merged in any case. There are various games where the users need two accounts but they couldn’t log in at the same time. The gamers can now be logged in to those multiple accounts and enjoy their gamin session like never before.

Apart from the multiple sign in feature, Parallel space allows you to hide your apps for your privacy and allows you to put passwords on your apps. This is a powerful and enhanced app that covers all your social networking sites at one place. Using this app is very easy and simple. Just download the APK file.

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