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v1.3 (Updated Sep 13, 2016)

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Phonics Trace & Learn Description

Phonics Trace & Learn is a simple educational app for kids as mentioned from the name. It helps your toddlers in learning phonics. With the help of it, your kids can also learn how to trace letters or the alphabets. Phonics Trace & Learn is entirely free to download and use. It works as an excellent teacher of letters and phonics which makes learning not less than fun for your children. The app is beneficial for the toddlers all the way to kindergartners and preschoolers. It has got many entertaining features which teach children a lot. There is a feature of tracing games to help children identify letters shapes and correlate them with phonic sounds. Besides, the app lets the kids put their knowledge to use in fresh and fun matching exercises. The app is very easy to use. Any kindergartener, toddler or preschooler can learn English and its alphabets just by following the arrows using their fingers. Also, kids are rewarded with stickers and toys no sooner than they complete their tracing games.
It is not only a kid-friendly educational app but the adult participation is also there. The app keeps kids busy in alphabets reading and writing, and keeping menu commands away from moving fingers. In the same time, adults can get access to Settings to get themselves engaged in Teacher Mode at ease. In addition to this, they can see report cards; phonics and toggled tracing games to improve and facilitate learning.

The color schemes and graphics of the app are incredibly pleasing to the eyes. It attracts children more in learning the English alphabets. Moreover, there are many ABC tracing games, letter matching, phonics pairing and more. Besides, uppercase and lowercase letters to trace match and listen to and much more. Download Phonics Trace & Learn right now and make the most of it.


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