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Nov 06, 2018


pixiv Inc.


Version 4.8.0



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Dec 10, 2018


pixiv PAY by pixiv Inc.

"pixiv PAY "is a payment app that allows the buyer to make a payment by simply reading the QR code displayed by the seller.
For settlements, you can use a credit card registered in pixiv PAY, as well as card info registered in pixiv and other services managed by pixiv.
In addition, since cash payments are also available, you can also display the total amount of the items you purchased and have access to a "cash register", where you can record the number of sales and the profits.

You can shop at doujinshi events without having to carry large amounts of cash with you! Also, sales are transferred to your bank account. If you're a seller, you won't have to carry cash with you back home!
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Version 4.8.0

Updated on Dec 10, 2018

Download APK (8.91 MB)
Version 4.7.2

Updated on Dec 05, 2018

Download APK (6.49 MB)
Version 4.7.1

Updated on Nov 19, 2018

Download APK (6.48 MB)
Version 4.7.0

Updated on Nov 06, 2018

Download APK (6.44 MB)
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