Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
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Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

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Aug 19, 2018


Max MP


Version 2.0.10-build-588-play



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Aug 19, 2018


Poweramp Music Player (Trial) by Max MP

If you are a music fondle, you will find the Poweramp Music Player the best. It is a brilliant and powerful music player for your Android phones or tablets. There are multiple amazing features of Poweramp such as theme sharing, spotlight, etc. The key features of Poweramp are the following. It plays and supports so many files such as, mp3, aiff, mp4, mpc, m4a, tta, alac, wv, ogg, ape, wav, flac, wma, etc. NEON support may require for some .wma pro- files. Poweramp has got 10 bands optimized graphical equalizers which support all above mentioned formats, presets and custom presets. There is a separate potent Bass and Treble adjustment. Besides, it has got stereo expansion, balance, and mono mixing. By downloading Poweramp Music Player(Trial) apk file, you can make your music listening experience much better.

Poweramp has a crossfade feature as well. There is a gap-less sound quality. You can replay songs again and again. It allows you to play songs, even from your SD cards and other folders in the storage and from your own library. There is a dynamic queue. Poweramp supports lyrics.  It has also got lyrics search option via musiXmatch plugin. Download its free apk file on this page.

Furthermore, there is embed and standalone. It supports .cue files as well. There are OpenGL based covers with art animation. Moreover, Poweramp is able to download missing albums art. It amuses you with its custom visual themes and with a lot of skins during the playing.  There are four different widget types in it. These widgets have got very pick-able styles, advanced customizations. Furthermore, there are Android 4.2 lock screen widgets. It locks your screen automatically. You can use headsets as it supports them.

Songs are automatically resumed on headsets and on BlueTooth connection. However, you can disable this option in the settings as per your want.  The player supports very advanced features for scrabbling. There are a tag editor and a very speedy library scan. Besides, there is customization of the very high level via settings. If you were able to install Poweramp Music Player Trial from elsewhere, then you can find its latest APK on this page to install the player on your device.

This trial version is entirely free for you to experience it. This release will be accessible to you for 15 days with its all features. You can download full version unlocker of Poweramp, or you can buy its full version by getting into the settings of Poweramp Music Player (Trial). 

If you want to get more volume than it was giving you at the time of downloading first, you are supposed to disable ‘Direct Volume Control’ by getting into the Settings then click 'Audio' and select 'Advanced Tweaks'. The ‘Direct Volume Control’ is used by default in the Poweramp 2.x on 2.3 plus mid-to-high end devices. 

Finally, Poweramp is a marvelous and grotesque music player which fulfills all of your demands superbly and gives you a very exciting experience while listening to music of your taste. It soothes you by improving the music quality and also makes the operations easy for you while switching between songs and while adjust the equalizer and sound effects. You can download its latest apk file for free on this page to install it on your Android tablet or the smartphone.

So go and download the player or you can explore more about this famous and powerful player by visiting the official website here.

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