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Prank Pack

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Prank Pack by APKBucket Editorial

A total of 14 pranks in 1! 7 free and 7 to unlock!
Prank Pack is a set of the best funny prank apps in one! A real ultimate trolling collection.

It not only features the top ones you already know - there are new, funny and original pranks that cannot be found anywhere else. They have been designed especially for you to have even more fun making jokes and to troll your friends and family! This is the perfect prank app for April Fools' day!

Featured free pranks:
- Farts/Whoopee cushion
- Scissors
- Hair clipper
- Cracked Screen/Broken Screen
- Fake Crash
- Laugh Track
- Farting Camera
Locked ones:
- Radiation Detector
- Finger Scanner
- Emergency Call
- Blue Screen of Death
- Detector
- Blood Pressure monitor
- Thermometer

The app is free but some of the pranks are premium and have to be unlocked. In order to unlock them you have to earn virtual currency by watching videos, ads or completing Tapjoy actions. You can also simply buy access using in-app billing system.


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Quick FAQ

What is Prank Pack?

It is simply a collection of pranks in form of applications.

How many pranks are there in the pack?

There are currently 14 pranks.

Can we expect more pranks to come?

Yes. There will be more pranks coming. Some will be customizable.

Are there any ads in this app?

There are no popup ads. The only ads that you will see are launched by you on request.

Are all of the pranks free?

No. Some of the pranks are premium/locked.

Why are some pranks premium/locked?

There are no popup ads in this app so the developer would not make any money with it and would not be able to make a living - buy food.
Premium content allows the developer to make money and make a living. Also it helps to keep the app ads free.

How to get premium/unlock all pranks?

Users can choose how they want to do that. They can either purchase access for the lowest possible price or they can earn virtual currency using Tapjoy's system.

How can I earn coins/virtual currency?

Coins can be earned only by watching videos or by using the offerwall/completing actions.

Can I destroy my device with the Cracked Screen?

Ofcourse not. What you see on the screen is just a graphical imitation of a broken screen.
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