Princess in maze of castle. APK

Princess in maze of castle.
Princess in maze of castle.
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Dev: Alexey Petrus Latest Version: 1.7 Updated: Sep 19

Princess in maze of castle. Free APK Download for Android

You have heard a lot of stories of princesses caught by evil serpents such as dragons, wizards, and other evil people. Then there come saviors who are always rising as heroes and save these princesses. But now, this time, no one is coming to help this princess who is caught in this dangerous maze which may take her life if she doesn’t escape in time. Now you will have to become a hero in this game and help this beautiful princess escape this maze. The game is not going to be easy but for a true genius, this is nothing. To install Princess in Maze of Castle, download the free APK right now from our site and help this princess escape the maze.

Here are few features in the game which you are going to enjoy.

• The objective is simple. Just help this princess to escape the castle by clearing all the mazes.
• There are a lot of mazes which are at different levels and each difficult from other so the challenge will get tougher as you progress through the game.
• The game is based on 8-bit graphics which are pretty fine since the gameplay is enough for your excitement.

To install this challenge, download the free APK right now from our site and become a princess for this beautiful young princess.