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Private Photo and Video Locker apk

v28.0 (Updated Apr 16, 2017)

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Private Photo and Video Locker Description

Your important and private stuff was never this much secure before. This app is based on an amazing and interesting concept that hides your gallery and private files behind the icon of a normal mainstream calculator that no one tends to open when they get hold of your phone. Furthermore, you can password protect that calculator icon too so in case anybody opens it, it doesn’t performs in their favor. Also, the calculator is fully functional along with the capacity to hide all private stuff intelligently.

You have to activate the uninstall protection so you don’t lose your hidden content. The content you forget to unhide before uninstalling won’t be able to recover by any means. This app has the most amazing features, let’s have a look.

  • You can have the safest corner in your phone where you can keep all photos and videos of your choice.
  • You can hide the selected files and have access to them after proving your identity with the right password.
  • You can password protect your content and also put fingerprint lock over it if your device supports the respective feature.
  • You can hide all photos, videos, contacts, media files, audio files and APK files without any trouble.
  • This app also has an inbuilt safe browser that allows you to surf without any limits and it doesn’t saves the history no matter what.
  • The strong and smooth app locker allows you to experience the safest feeling knowing that the content is fully protected.
  • This app also has an amazing feature that allows you to put up a fake password in case you have to open the private vault in front of anyone.
  • You can also capture videos and photos from the app and hide them right away.
  • This app also captures the image of the person who tries to get in your privacy.
  • This app doesn’t show up in the recently used apps or tasks in your phone.
  • It closes down immediately while you shift to another application or get a call.
  • This app doesn’t require any storage limits as long as you have enough storage space in your phone.
  • It also supports the uninstall protection feature so nobody can uninstall this app. This way, you never lose the hidden files.

Download the APK file of Private Photo & Video Locker and stay stress free always.

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