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v2.0.3 (Updated Apr 15, 2017)

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Private Photo Vault Description

When we spend time with our loved ones such as friends, family, girlfriend, and others, we take pics which are very important and a secret thing for us and we don’t want to show it to strangers. Also, we can’t share our private pictures with family or other such people but they are presently open in the gallery. That’s why we needed something which would protect our files and now we have just the thing. Some latest phones have the built-in app locker but the old ones don’t. But those people with old phones, they need an app like Private Photo Vault to save all your private picture in a separate folder with a password or other locks on the folder.

Listed below are all the features which you can get from this app.

• Set up accounts and create a new pin.
• Go into the first photo album already created for you.
• Hit the plus button to hide pics. These photos will be removed from your gallery and locked into Private Photo Vault.
• Now you have a private photo gallery that only you can view.
• Create Secret Photo Albums right in the App.
• Import/Export from the normal gallery.
• Email Photos.
• Text Message Photos.
• Custom Album Covers to keep safe the contents of your private album.

To install the app, get the free APK right now from our website and protect your lovely pictures.

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