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Pro Snooker 2015 apk

v1.23 (Updated May 21, 2017)

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Pro Snooker 2015 Description

Pro Snooker 2015 is the biggest snooker games you can get on your android smartphone due to the amazing game modes and features which you are definitely going to love. The game is beautifully designed with most realistic gameplay you could ever get and the graphics can’t simply be compared with any other snooker game on the android. There are several game modes, features, matches, and other things which will remain undiscovered unless you play it a lot. This not just talk but when you will read about the features of this game, you are going to know it yourself. To install Pro Snooker 2015, download the free APK right now from our website and begin the fun.

Here is a list of all the features which you are going to enjoy in this big game.

• Localized to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Canadian French and Mexican Spanish.
• Full High Definition 3D textured environments.
• Full 3D physics at 30 FPS.
• Free online multiplayer games.
• Free local network multiplayer games.
• Practice: Fine tune your game by playing on your own with no rules.
• Quick Play: Play a custom match against another friend, family member or computer opponent.
• League: Participate in a league event over 7 rounds where the highest points total wins.
• Tournament: Test your nerves in a 4 round knockout tournament event.
• Configure up to 3 player profiles to keep track of all your statistics.
• Each profile contains comprehensive statistics and progression history.
• Select your handicap level with 5 levels of aiming and ball guide mark-ups.
• Select your preferred post shot camera through your player’s profile.
• Progress through the ranks from Rookie to Legend. Beware you can go down the ranks as well as up.
• Play against 25 different computer opponents spread over 5 difficulty levels.
• Fully customizable tables, choose from over 100 combinations of table finish effects and baize colors.

After reading all these features, your heart wouldn’t stop craving for this game. So, don’t wait anymore and download the free APK for this game to install and start enjoying it.

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