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Over the last several months, Pubg Mobile has truly become the best battle royale game available on Android devices. Not only on Android phones, but it also supports several other platforms too. As we are talking about the APK and OBB data files here, so we will stay focused on only the Android version of the Pubg game. From our website, you can download the full APK file of Pubg Mobile, and it's full OBB expansion data. We will guide below how you can install the game using it's downloaded OBB data.

Downloading & Installing Pubg APK + Data

Follow these steps in order to download Pubg Mobile APK file and it's SD card data.

  1. Go to the download page by clicking the download button above
  2. Download the APK file and the OBB expansion data
  3. Install the APK file normally on your Android device
  4. Now go to your device's file manager and browse to SD card
  5. Locate the Data or Android directory on the filesystem
  6. In the Data directory, create a folder named as com.tencent.ig
  7. Copy the downloaded OBB file to this newly created directory
  8. Launch Pubg Mobile and it will install the data

These steps should get Pubg Mobile installed on your device within a few minutes. In some cases, the installation fails. Pubg may throw an error that the data cannot be found. To troubleshoot the installation error by following these instructions:

  1. * Ensure that you properly named the OBB data file (i.e.
  2. Ensure that you have copied the OBB data to the correct path
  3. Ensure that both APK file and OBB data are of the same version

* You can find the OBB file name on our download page. Try to use the exact same name for the OBB data as the name changes from version to version as version code is generally used in naming the OBB data files.

Now sometimes you may use a device without an SD card and that's very obvious these days because mobile phones provide a plenty of storage. In such a scenario, just open your phone's file manager and try to locate the data directory on the phone's filesystem and copy the OBB expansion data there.

We hope that these instructions will help you in getting Pubg mobile installed on your device and then start playing the game with millions of other players around the world. If you liked this game, consider leaving a review below.

Why Pubg Mobile is the best battle royale game?

Simply because it has the best graphics, a huge audience, and has a very solid direction. The game is perfect in all aspects. Everything seems realistic when you start playing Pubg Mobile. The graphics are insane. The movement of the players is extremely realistic. Everything seems almost real. And the game has extremely intense fighting scenes. The overall logic, it's extremely high-quality graphics, sound, and all other components make this game the best battle royale game of this era.

We can't ignore the audience here. Millions of players play Pubg Mobile at a time. Although Pubg comes in the desktop version as well, Pubg's mobile version is extremely popular as only a limited number of users have Playstations but everyone has a mobile phone.

What are the cons of Pubg?

Some new version releases result in lags. We have noticed that Pubg mobile sometimes becomes unresponsive, and unresponsive forever. It means that you can return to the game unless you force close the game and start it back. And during this duration, chances are that you will get killed. And sometimes you are banned for an unknown reason. Even for a quicker ping, you get banned. This sounds very harsh and very very unacceptable. Why would you get banned if your device sends pings quickly? The situation gets even worse if multiple users are on the same network.

And the saddest thing is that you can't get back to the game when you are banned. Even after your ban time is over, that's generally around 10 minutes, you can't get into the game if you are alive and if your team managed to keep you alive. Tencent should focus on these issues to provide a better user experience.

We hope that you liked our brief review of the game and our installation instructions helped you install Pubg Mobile on your device without requiring Google Play Store. Don't worry if you didn't have Google Play Store app installed on your device as our download page serves the direct download of the OBB expansion file of Pubg as well as the latest version APK file. Download the assets and start enjoying this awesome and super-epic battle royale game on the go. Millions of players from around the world are waiting for you there in the battleground. Go and take on them now!

p.s. If you are looking to download multi-part ZIP files of PubG OBB data, you can download from here.


Current Version 0.17.0 (11800)
Default Device Google Pixel 2 (api28)
Android OS Android 9 (Pie)
API Level 28
Has Split APKs No
Has OBB Data Yes
Installation Size 1.7 GB
Downloads 289

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