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v1.7.0.205 (Updated Feb 01, 2017)

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Purify - Improve Battery Life Description

Purify is here to improve the battery life of your Android device. Download Purify APK file now to install this amazing app on your device and experience a great extension in the battery backup of your phone or the tablet. Poorly coded (or sometimes even reputed apps) tend to restart themselves and stay active in the background even if they aren't needed. In such a scenario, Purify - Improve Battery Life comes forward to save your device's unnecessary battery consumption as well as to make it faster by blocking unnecessary apps that stay there in the background and keeps eating the battery power as well as the computing resources of your device. Now get rid of all this and enjoy faster operations on your device as well as use your device for several more hours as its battery backup time will be greatly extended by Purify. Download Purify APK from our servers now and install the app for free on your Android phone or the tablet.

Although Purify - Improve Battery Life can keep looking for the power and memory consuming (idle) apps and deactivates them itself but you can manage this yourself too. You can add apps to the blocklist of Purify - Improve Battery Life if they weren't added automatically or you can whitelist any apps if they were mistakenly blocked by this tool. All these features and many others make Purify a must-have Android app to save battery power as well as to prevent memory leakage at the same time.

In Purify logs, you can view what has it done so far or recently to save the battery power or the memory leakage. We are sure that you will be highly satisfied once you download and install this free tool on your device. Go ahead, download Purify and install it now to start saving the battery power as well as make your device much faster!

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