Rain On Photo

Rain On Photo

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Aug 19, 2018


Game Run


Version 1.4



Updated date

Aug 19, 2018


Rain On Photo by Game Run

Rain In Photo is an application that contains a collection of pictures about the rain.
Rain In Photo for those who want to feel the rain, given here the most beautiful rain photo frames for all.
No one can resist to get drenched in the drizzle and feel the rain drops on their face, wow.. amazing...!
To keep memories of rainy days, best way to use rain photo frames which gives you to more than rainy frames for your memories. Also you can click pictures with your friends and family during rain and memorize it easily, so you never forget lovely moments of Rainy days.

Attractive features: Rain In Photo

- Free entertaining application for Android, so anyone can use easily.
- Click a picture using camera or select from gallery which you like most for memories.
- Select your favorite frames from the list of different rainy frames.
- Stitch, Rotate, Zoom in & zoom out image for perfect set in the frames.
- Change frame easily.
- Share images with your friend and relative in Rainy days on Twitter, Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp.
- Easy to use.
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