Red Ball Roll

Red Ball Roll

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Publish date

Aug 15, 2018




Version 1.11



Updated date

Aug 15, 2018


Red Ball Roll by Azumad

Roll the ball is the kind of ball that just likes to roll with it and let gravity take control but now he needs your help to get him to the exit.
You can't jump and can only roll the ball so you need to think about how you are going to get through the level without falling down too soon before you have collected all the keys to open the exit.
Either tilt your device or use the buttons to move roll left or right.
The levels are filled with stuff which will help or hinder your progress including springs, lifts, boosts, false walls, breakable walls, ice, gravity changers, moving platforms and spikes.
Collect all the keys in the level to open the exit and collect all the stars in the level to get the big star, some stars are hard to get to and some are hidden.

- Featuring 60 levels
- Tilt or buttons control which can be changed in the pause menu
- Try to collect all the stars and get the big star on every level
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