Root Manager

Root Manager

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Publish date

Aug 14, 2018


BigD Inc


Version 3.0.4



Updated date

Aug 14, 2018


Root Manager by BigD Inc

- Root Manager is a Root Android Explorer, the ultimate file manager for root users.
- Extract APK files, uninstall APK files
- Transfer files with FTP Server
- Access your home PC: Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMB
- It helps you to access the whole of android's file system including the elusive data folder, cache,...
- Access, edit, create, change, copy files including system files.
- Zip, unzip, tar, untar files.
- View SQLite databases, run script files, explore zip, tar , rar files.
- Encrypt, decrypt file with AES256 algorithm.
- View file information such as size, md5, edited time,..
- Change owner, group of files, folders.
- Create shortcut for file, folder...
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