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APK Version: 8.3

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If your mobile phones or tablets have become a stock of so many system applications and you are fed up with them, you cannot find an app as helpful as this Root Uninstaller. Root Uninstaller freezes pre-installed apps on your phone and does much more. It is very simple, fast and secure app. It has the following features for ROOT + NAND Unblocked Devices. On just a single click, it enables you to uninstall System applications and Regular ones as well. It freezes or puts out of action Bloat wares, regular applications and stocks.

Root Uninstaller thaws out and enables applications whether it is a free trial or Pro. It also saves your files as it has got a system backup application in SD card so that you can reinstall them later. It can also restore backed up applications. It is able to reset your apps to install them in a fresh state. It certainly deletes unnecessary system applications too. It has got an option of ‘Hide my APP’, which launches a frozen app. Besides, it mechanically re-freezes on app closing; you just need to tap on Launch- freeze button. You are free to explore its more applications such as data folder, code folder, etc.       

Root Uninstaller has also got so many features for the 'NON-ROOT DEVICES'. It has a swift APK list, which shows all the APK files available on your SD card. It stacks market references and can restore after factory reset or change devices. You can manually clear data and cache as well. It manages all the APK files. Furthermore, it can delete them and install as a system app (PRO). You need to single click to uninstall any listed application. The app can also uninstall in a batch. It loads applications rapidly as well. Furthermore, it presents application names, its icons and packages names too. The system applications which you cannot uninstall, it excludes them.

Besides, Root Uninstaller cleans junk left by third party applications. It also cleans system applications, apps on SD card, back applications or frozen ones. A Large screen like tablet views is also supported in it. You can explore applications from all data folders and code folders. For instance, it edits preferences. It offers you a free version trial as well. In the free version trial, you can thaw out or restore apps three times.    

Once you install it, just make sure that your app is approved by Super User. If you are unable to freeze, first enable USB Debugging. For this setting, you will need to go first at HOME then click Settings – Application – Development and the USB Debugging. If you are having any trouble in restoring backup applications, first attempt ‘Find Apps on SD Card’ and then, long press that certain app and select ‘Install as System app.' Root Uninstaller stores data using SD Card. Both the versions PRO and FREE are entirely compatible. Just download it and make the most of it.  

Developer: Root Uninstaller


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