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Aug 15, 2018


Version 1.6.8f



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Oct 25, 2018


RSS Reader by Svyatoslav Vasilev

Simple RSS Reader application. It’s fast and clean, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite news.
- Import/export feeds (OPML)
- Cache images for offline reading
- Automatic or scheduled synchronization (optional)
- Offline reading with pictures and full text
- Swipe left/right to view previous/next articles
- Scrolling news with volume keys (optional)
- Show notifications (sound, light, vibration)
- Share news
- Light or dark theme
- Full-screen mode for articles
- Auto clear old news
- Small 1x1 widget with unread news counter
- 4x3 resizable widget (available only in Pro version)

If you like this app and can help me with localization, please contact me.
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Version 1.6.8f

Updated on Oct 25, 2018

Download APK (8.36 MB)
Version 1.6.8

Updated on Aug 15, 2018

Download APK (8.64 MB)
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