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Rubik's Cube

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 2.6.0



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Aug 19, 2018


Rubik's Cube by APKBucket Editorial


The Official Rubik’s Cube is an excellent App, and it is entirely free to download and play. Rubik’s Cube is a fantastic toy, and now you can play with it on your mobile. You can play with this amusing toy anywhere and anytime on the most authentic digital representation of the Rubik's® Cube available. It allows you to flick, solve and spin, the classic 3 x 3 x 3 Rubik's Cube in just the same way you would the real cube. Moreover, there is a variety of such cubes, if you have got tired of playing with the same classic cube, you can switch to other cubes. There are five innovative themed cubes to try and have fun with for you. You can play with the natural Wooden Cube. Here, you can challenge yourself with the complicated Icon Cube, and come across the intriguing Mystery Cube. You can download the ONLY mobile Rubik's Cube that is approved by Erno Rubik, who is the Inventor of the Rubik's Cube.
The game has got many amazing features. Once you download the app and start playing with the Rubik’s Cube, you will soon get addicted to it, and it will be the best thing for you to consume your spare time. It is the only Rubik’s Cube game on the Google Play that is officially licensed. Playing it lets you have the feelings of the real cube. You can quickly spin, flick, and twist to contrive and solve like you will do with the real cube. Just download the app and have a lot of fun with new five cubes, which are The Mystery Cube, Iron Cube, Mystery Cube, Fruit Cube, and Neon Cube. The app is on updating itself. You will be surprised by more amazing features of it soon. You can follow the app on Twitter at, besides you can like its page for the updates on Facebook at


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