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Samsung SMART CAMERA App apk

v1.2.0_150827 (Updated Jan 03, 2017)

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Samsung SMART CAMERA App Description

Samsung SMART CAMERA App is the official free app by Samsung Inc. for selected Android device which brings together three apps i.e. AutoShare, MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder. Download free APK file from APKBucket (our Android apps store) and enjoy the functionality of all these three apps in a single package. Remember that Samsung SMART CAMERA doesn't support all Android devices and only selected devices and selected OS version is supported by the app. You should read more at the official page of this app on Google Play to get the required information.

When you install this app on your device, it automatically connects to your device's camera and launches itself whenever you start taking photos. In such a way, Samsung SMART CAMERA App automatically puts the feature-rich tools in front of you asking you to take action against your taken photos. This sounds cool, right? So why not you proceed to download Samsung SMART CAMERA App APK for free from our servers. Download this free app and start testing the power of three apps in a single place.

Disclaimer: This app supports Android phones manufactured by Samsung Inc. and only devices manufactured 2013 and later are supported. If your device is outdated or if it is using an older version of Android OS (older than Android 3.0) or if it is manufactured by an unsupported manufacturer, then the app may not work.

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