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Secret Codes Hack

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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


Secret Codes Hack by Ndroid Developers

App Name: Secret Codes Hack
By: Ndroid Developers
Current Version: 6.1
APK Size: 4.88MB
APK SHA1 Hash: d6499cc0c8b0dc873e261d4d3f6a3eeff7fb5946
Added: 2017-07-24
Updated: Jul 24
Category: Tools
Supports: Android 3.2 and up
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Secret Codes hack allows you to scan your device and discover hidden features you didn't know about right from your smartphone's dialer. But there is some trickiness you'll need to know about.

In your device, secret(hidden) codes are available. When those codes are typed manually from the phone dialer, they will unlock a hidden menus with more options and information for your Android device. Now is not necessary to remember all those codes, they can be executed only with one finger tap! Enjoy and have a fun!

Developers create various kind of backdoor within the applications and operating systems. Through these back doors any user who has sufficient knowledge can get into the much deeper system as compare to other users.Android developers also create many backdoor through which you can enter into the system and you can change settings. It is not meant to use these backdoor for malicious intent because developers block some modes and these backdoor are the way or allow the users to enter into the system and let them become familiar to the system. In smartphones these backdoor are called “secret codes”.

Using testing menu you can analyze and test your device's hardware, sensors and components, to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Easily get your device information like
- operating system information;
- Screen information;
- draw-able information
- device information
- Density information

!WARNING Some manufacturers not allow the use of these codes and they may not work on your device. By using secret codes hack you can change some of your device settings. Use at your own risk!
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